Leaping Lizards! The Mod Account is back!!

So after an anticlimatic journey to find the Tumblr password (it was in Koko’s saved documents the whole time…), we have returned to the Tumblr universe with some important announcements! 

First off, since the roll call is closed, we have made a roster of all the members who signed up and the characters they have. If you did not sign the roll call, you will need to make a new mini app to continue in the group. But lesbihonest, it’s not really fair if you just made a big app and missed roll call. SO, if you missed roll call but submitted a big application of the character(s) in question within the last three months, you only need to reapp their mini app to the corresponding entry (Hero, Villain, or Civilian). Otherwise, you have to mini-app and make another big app. This is our way of making an accurate list of who is active and how many heroes, villains, and civs we have. 

Speaking of which! We are going to be recording a roster based on the roll call of active heroes, villains, and civs. This will give you all a reference of who is around, what they are, and who is rping them. 

Just a friendly reminder that apps are always open.If you have any questions, you can submit them to this account ask box, and we’ll try to get back to you in a timely manner.

If it’s urgent just skype kokoriyu and she will reply much faster. Or if you just really want to chat. That too. Shameless self promotion I mean what

Looking forward to many adventures, Pokeheroes! Stay tuned! 

Suggestions! Signal boost if you can and please cast your vote! Thanks in advance! 

Suggestions! Signal boost if you can and please cast your vote! Thanks in advance! 

New Hero and Villain Lists Coming Soon!

So we’re probably due for another purge in a couple weeks, just to get a new inventory of who’s active with what heroes, villains, and civilians. That sorta deal. We’re going to wait until all the school-type stuff is done for the majority of TE, so there is still some time before all this goes down. Also, June Event in the works! Stay tuned! :) 


tokyosexwhaleshinjidesu asked: Uhm. I'm not quite sure whats going on, but I wanna join the group. I read that you have to claim, but thats shut, and then i read that you no longer have to claim and you just strait out mini app. I'm so confused @ __ @

Claims are no longer necessary if you aren’t mini apping a legendary. Other then that, just mini app, get accepted, and big app. :)


Anonymous asked: Are OCs allowed to evolve?


PokeHeroes Villain List

Villain List


    Derpaderpderp –


    Little Red - Duskull


    Filth – Muk


    Alvin McDowell –


    Prof. Donovan – Genesect


    Project Anubis – Ninetails


    Cptn. Blackeye – Haxorus


    BeatBox – Rotom


    FoxyCraven –


    Claude – Mightyena


    Lester – Chandelure


    MaidHideyoshi –


    Sol’Digger – Sableye


    Sorcha –


    Mirage – Sneasel


    Mancer Con -


    Pandora – Registeel


    K8E –


    ToxicThorn – Ivysaur


    Ninian –


    Cherypouka – Articuno


    Ordwig –


    Mindstorm – Girafarig


    Fudgy –


    Black Beauty – Beautifly


    Takeshi –


    Oliver – Scraggy


    Kokoriyu –


    Virus – Kyogre


    Krazy –


    Clause – Bisharp


    Zero – Haunter


    DifferentShadow –


    Dalton – Exeggutor


    Ophelia - Gengar


    MalMask –


    Victor Greene – Cacturne


    MissesKou –


    DreamEater – Claydol


    Raomairoo –


    Lil Wicked – Litwick


    Ebony –


    Obscura – Sneasel


    HimitsuDollz -


    Vermillionia – Emboar


    Mimi10 –


    MagicMask – Ditto


    Trick Fox – Zoroark


    Ferbit Express –


    Kara – Cubone


    Sequined –


    Sultan – Moltres


    Gaia – Venasaur


    HeartlessPenguin –


    Rouge – Swoobat


    Green_Eye_Deamon –


    Kitty – Liepard


    Hot Mess – Ditto


    Notti –


    Macroshock – Zebstrika


    Ferbulo  -


    Zu – Rayquaza


    Kd-chu - 


    Dark Papillion – Dustox


    Alley Cat –


    Bone –Marowak


    Inque2 –


    FlameEater – Kuitaran


    Beansprout -


    Prince - Skuntank


AmethystSM -


Legion - Dusknoir


Nailed black -


The Altaul - Altaria


Yoomiiiii -


Miss - Vulpix

PokeHeroes Hero List

Hero List


Derpaderpderp -


Sky Reaver - Shaymin


Alvin McDowell -


Golden Vigor - Victini


Mr America - Togekiss


Gogo Kureiji - Absol


Hard Drive - Porygon 2


Foxy Craven -


Fallen Angel - Shedinja


Amphis - Eelektross


Maidhideyoshi -


Seraph - Volcarona


Nina - blade dancer


Bonjour -


Flarea - Ho-oh


Talikara -


Ki - Pelliper


Grey Cracker -


Arthur - Galvantula


Death Fade -


Yasuo - Regice


Ordwig -


Spectre - Sableye


HKzombu -


Vigilante - Spiritomb




Dark knight - Darkrai


SunshineNoka -


Ensrocell the swift - Masqurain


Takeshi -


Akihiko - Lugia


Kokoriyu -


Recon - Skarmory


Voltswitch - Chinchou


Zephyr - Xatu


Krazy -


Seth - Hypno


Zoey - Finneon


DifferentShadow -


Jana - Voltorb


AmethystSM -


Whisper - Duskull


Malmask -


Crystal Goliath - gigalith


Yoomiiiii -


Masquerade - Roserade


Aria - Milotic


MissesKou -


Pyschic Rage - Baltoy


Raomairoo -


Flufftail - Minccino


Adri-chan -


Thunderella storm - Pichu


MIMI19 -


Cosmic Dust - Deoxys


Black Flash - Zebstrika


Shrimpxpuff -


Signal - Emolga


HeartlessPenguin -


Kosmos and Kaos - Mawile


Black_dog-13 -


Jezz - Ditto


Sturdy - Aron


Cheshiresmiling -


Pnazaeron - Skarmory


Djinni - Infernape


Cornsilk -


Asher - Arcanine


Desiderata -


Crimson Hood


KD-Chu -


Wraith - Larvesta


Sequined -


Blue Cyclone - Dragoniar


Inque2 -


Le Sebreur - Virizion


Aqua-Limeade -


Kilo - Mienshow


Star -


Miss Red - Latias